Steps to use cool Clapp features!


Add Text

If you prefer typing instead of writing, consider adding text.

While creating a lesson, touch the '+' icon on the top bar and select Add Text. You can resize the text area as you need, change font, color, alignment and more. You can also position your text wherever you want on the screen.


Add Shapes

Select ‘Draw Shape’ to add shapes to your lesson. The menu will allow you to choose a custom shape, change its size, opacity and color and add it to your lesson.

Choose from a variety of shapes and format them as per requirement by changing its properties. Simply drag and drop for use in the lesson.


Geometry Tools

Bring ruler, protractor or compass to explain geometry concepts.



You can draw angles precisely using protactor.



You can draw straight lines at desired angle.


Profile picture

You may change your profile picture by picking an image from your device.


Theme color

Set theme color as you like.


Hand writing

Use the pen to scribble on the whiteboard. Customize the properties of the ink (color, opacity, size).
Long touch on each color will let you set your preferred 6 colors.

Toggle between the pen and presentation pen by clicking on the icon. Use the presentation pen as a laser pointer to focus on content or highlight it, during the lecture. The mark created with this pen disappears after one stroke.


Pen thickness and opacity

Set pen thickness and opacity as you like.

Toggle to presentation pen mode to set thickness and opacity of the presentation pen.


PDF pages import

Pick the PDF document from your device, preview and import single or multiple pages.

Imported PDF pages are added in separate lesson pages.


Image search

Search images from the Internet. Please note: Images may be subject to copyright.


Image drawer

Add your favorite image in the drawer. Drawer images are stored on your device and quickly accessible from any page of any lesson.

Long touch on drawer image thumbnail allows you to delete drawer image.


Image or Scribble move

Touch the move icon to toggle between image/text move or scribble move.


Page background

Set page background color, image or map. Background is same for all pages in a lesson. You can set background image as full screen or fit inside. However, you cannot move the lesson background image.

We’ll be happy to walk you through Clapp features and help you choose your plan.