Clapp brings to your workspace a simple, powerful, intuitive and ever-growing platform for teaching and learning. It’s a result of careful deliberation by our team to help you expand your realm of education.


Designed to offer teachers a simple and intuitive workflow to create classes, organize class materials including Clapp Video, create announcements, assignments, manage students, and discussions.

The Granular assignment management is quick and easy, and the teacher can always see who completed and turned in the assignment, and who is still struggling through it.

Smart and interactive whiteboard to create and share high quality lessons for targeted instruction. Note that even students are provided the opportunity to create videos. Teach what you know and learn what you don’t.


Platform Overview

Clapp is a feasible, workable, manageable and most of all convenient way of spreading unique lessons to a wide audience, while catering to individual needs. Save time and effort to achieve more.

Clapp Video

Clapp provides you the smoothest writing experience to help your scribbles look great on your virtual whiteboard.

Make use of a full palette of colors, choose stroke opacity and pencil size to highlight important content, annotate imported material, Google search for content and manage images (by rotating, resizing, cloning and pinning).

Clapp proprietary video format is compact and takes up only a fraction of the size traditional videos would.

There’s absolutely no need to micro manage your local storage server or ship SD storage cards for class materials.

Clapp Video Player

Videos are automatically synchronized in your accounts and stored locally, when the app is launched. Apart from such syncing processes, you’re officially free to commence work offline without being plagued by streaming issues we’re so used to.

Navigate the video through a simple interface by page and time.

Clapp Video Reader

Watching and revisiting tutorial videos is great for the learning process, but the Video Reader progresses another step in this direction. You may now efficiently read through the saved lesson page-by-page for quick reviews or recaps on content.

Manage Classes

Create, manage, co-ordinate your digital classroom in your save and private work forum.

Teachers can manage their world of digital content through an efficient yet user- friendly interface. They can tap into analytic tools that provide easily-accessible, deep insights into course material interactions and performance online. It’s personalized analysis and trend identification aided by customized software.

Review Assignments

Granular Assignment Management. Allows instructors to manage and grade assignments paperlessly within the ecosystem.

Provide feedback, touch upon individual needs, assign extra relevant material for reference, create content to address questions: do it all however you need to make an impact on student work.

Knowledge Sharing

Learn and grow in a community of mutual benefit: teach what you know and learn what you don’t. Work with others to build and share your library of knowledge.

Students, too can create their own lessons to share with peers. Talk to teachers personally or join conversations to discuss lessons, courses, assignments or other academic matter.

Tool Overview

Creating and Editing Lesson Videos
A suite of tools that’s fundamental to your Clapp experience.


Single-tap function to record video and audio of your virtual whiteboard.

Recordings are saved locally by the minute on to your device.


Choose from a variety of shapes and format them as per requirement by changing its properties. Simply drag and drop for use in the lesson.

Add Items

Text: Tap to add text anywhere on the screen and change properties. You may edit text and properties at anytime in future.

Image: Google search for the right images or diagrams to depict your point or elucidate your ideas. Edit, manage your images (rotate, resize, clone and pin) and adjust them for the right fit.

PDF: Accommodate the required information in your lessons by attaching PDFs and other documents, while retaining original formatting for maximum flexibility.

Google Map: Insert precise geographical locations for precision in your tutorials.

Drawer: It serves as the local storage directory on your device. Add your favorite images for repeated use in your work.

Video Editing

Clapp’s video editing software allows you to improve on saved lessons and refine the project.
Insert page: pages in your lesson video. The extra page(s) will be added into the presentation.

Edit page: Correct any page in the lesson with the prepend or correction pen.

Delete page: Delete required page(s) without losing chronological flow.

Audio Editing

Dubbing: Dub lesson audio with updated information to make changes in minor areas without having to re-record in entirety.

Replace:Choose any MP3 file and attach it to the lesson to be used alongside the lesson.

Remove:If required, remove the audio file without hampering the video sequence. Doing so substantially reduces lesson size.

Laser Pointer

Use the laser pointer to draw attention to detail while speaking in your presentation. You may draw circles, create lines and other scribbles to do so.

These scribbles are visible as long as the pen is down.