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About Clapp

Clapp is a cloud based platform that serves as a Learning Management System (LMS) to enhance the learning experience.

Create. Organize. Announce. Assign. Evaluate. Discuss. Designed to offer teachers, students and parents with a simple and intuitive workflow for maximum efficiency.



Transcribe Ideas

Use your virtual whiteboard to pen down and record ideas, thoughts and knowledge to present unique instructional content. Visualize, narrate and animate to reach out to a large audience.

Share Knowledge

Download content locally onto your device, and publish your videos and creations on public forums or share with anyone via email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other media. You may even store them in Dropbox or Google Drive.

Review and Replay

Remain in control of your content. View saved lessons through the video player or read through video notes with the video reader, to access old lectures and presentations.

Software as a Service

More time for teaching, more time for learning. Teach what you know and learn what you don’t.

Teacher Centric

Teachers have sole rights over secure content. They choose with whom to share and for how long.

Fast Delivery

Clapp videos are much smaller in size compared to traditional videos. This allows for quick syncing and delivery, even on a low bandwidth network.

Content Protection

We make use of Amazon Web Services (AWS)for back end storage. Data is safe, secure, private and in your control.

Fully Adaptable

Apart from synchronization processes, its use is not even mandated by an Internet connection. Most of your work can be done on the fly- anytime, anywhere.

Clean Design

Clean, simple and easy-to-follow design to bring out the best of your creativity. The full power of Clapp is at your disposal in a neat, interactive interface.

Powerful Toolset

Houses a smart and facile platform with a unique toolset designed to intensify the Clapp experience.

Explore to record, import content, edit video and audio, create a classroom and much more.

Clapp Benefits

Gain Knowledge

Education without any bounds, because it’s always the right time to learn.

Build Skills

Spend more time at the ground level: teach and learn for maximum impact and efficiency.

Analyze Progress

Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to focus on self-centered learning.

Join a community

Learn and grow in a rich and conducive academic environment.

What Our Clients Say


In today's interconnected world, Clapp is an opportunity to experience how we can transform learning with innovative tools for creating a magical environment for both Teacher and Student.

This is one of the best integrated whiteboard and interactive tool which provides an incredible amount of flexibility to enhance teaching and learning process and we can experience a great collaboration and effective communication through this multi functional tool Clapp.

I am truly amazed to see the features. This whiteboard has the ability to integrate text, audio and visual during the teaching session that helps students to understand their subject better , faster and it's cloud computing features gives the learning experience a new dimension. It makes teacher and student engagement easier.

- Subrata Paul
An IIT DELHI alumnus

Simple chalk, duster is enough to convey knowledge to students.

I like Clapp for its easy to edit video capability. This allows me to improve lesson content in little or no time.

- Apurba Kumar Bag
Science Teacher (Retired), KCS, W.B, India


Teacher and Students Dashboard.

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Draw Shapes

Large selection of shapes with preview is available for your lesson

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Import PDF

Import PDF pages to crop and/or annote in lesson

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Clapp Video Player

Clapp video player allows you to navigate by page, time and more.

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